Thursday, July 2, 2009

HAM Radio and Me...

I think I will start with the way I reached this hobby.

I don't remember how the virus of electronics entered into my blood in school days. My village is electrified after my 10th exam. I managed to get the books related to electronics and made some circuits like dancing light, music bells etc. etc. also to damage radio in our house.

I am a frequent visitor to a shop to get the components and made a friend –the shop owner Mr.Unni. One day he told me about the wireless communication and explained about HAM Radio. He had a good knowledge about this hobby and introduced to two of his friends having the license, one is VU2BHF, Mr. Basheer the First HAM I met in my life.

One day BHF told me about the HAM meet in Cochin and asked me to visit there. I visited the HAM meet venue (unfortunately I couldn't find Basheer there). The air demo was really amazing, a great experience and that was the first step towards a Ham Radio .

I have tried to get more info to get a license, but by that time Basheer had gone to DX for his Mqth Job.. Then I also shifted to Mumbai to win my Bread and Butter. I tried to know about HAM activity but in vain and I gave up the idea of becoming a HAM

Then after years I saw a news about HAM radio in a news paper in Mumbai. I got in touch with the HAMs related and finally ….. VU2WSM on air since 2007