Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Magic Wand Antenna

After my first on air Experience, I want to be on air all the time. I started searching for vhf radio and the antenna.

To get a new radio is not much easier and my friend Bijoy helped me to get one old Motorola GP300 handi programmed with the HAM frequency from his HAM friend. By this time VU2PJN, OM Prakash made an Magic Wand Antenna for me.

I hanged the antenna on my window and started working….

The Antenna

The antenna is basically a quad, 1 full wavelength at 2 meters. Part of a wavelength on top and part on the bottom in the form of two loops connected together. The feed point is in the vertical plane of the antenna between the loops so it’s basic polarization would be vertical. Read more …

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