Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Be alert and Take Care.

Suspect quake of around 5.5M over KOYNA, MAHARASTRA
within the next 15 days (max.)from 15th November 2009.
Be alert and take care.
-VU2RSSQUAKE PREDICTOR R.Shanmugasundaram, Coimbatore, India

I am a regular user of ECHOLINK and managed to have a lot of contacts all over the world. One day I got VU2RSS, OM Shan and the qso was verymuch interesting because of his another hobby he described. He wakes up early in the morning to watch the rising sun, as everyone do occasionally, but he watches it carefully on daily basis and then do some calculations and he predicting the earth quake.

I haven't taken care of much about the same and sometimes visit his site to read his predictions and results.On October 02, 2009, was a holiday for me and I have visited his site and noticed his prediction on 01-10-2009 about the expected quake in Koyna, Maharashtra and the same taken place...

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