Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Earthquake Net Frequencies - 7045, 3720 kHz - Please keep clear

Major earthquake in Haiti

From the CQ / WorldRadio Online Newsroom:
All radio amateurs are requested to keep 7045 kHz and 3720 kHz clear forpossible emergency traffic related to today's major earthquake in Haiti. International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region II Area C EmergencyCoordinator Arnie Coro, CO2KK, reports that as of 0245 UTC on January 13, nothing had been heard from radio amateurs in Haiti, but that the above frequencies were being kept active in case any Haitian hams manage to get onthe air, and in case of other related events in surrounding areas, including afters hocks and a possible tsunami.
The following is from an e-mail from CO2KK:
A few minutes after the earthquake was felt in eastern Cuba's cities, theCuban Federation of Radio Amateurs Emergency Net was activated, with netcontrol stations CO8WM and CO8RP located in the city of Santiago de Cuba,and in permanent contact with the National Seismology Center of Cuba locatedin that city. Stations in the city of Baracoa, in Guantanamo province, were also activatedimmediately as the earth movements were felt even stronger there, due to itsproximity to Haiti. CO8AZ and CO8AW went on the air immediately , withCM8WAL following. At the early phase of the emergency, the population ofthe city of Baracoa was evacuated far away from the coast, as there was aprimary alert of a possible tsunami event or of a heavy wave trains sequenceimpacting the coast line at the city's sea wall ...Baracoa could not contact Santiago de Cuba stations on 40 meters due to longskip after 5 PM local time, so several stations in western Cuba and one inthe US State of Florida provided relays. CO2KK, as IARU Region II Area CEmergency Coordinator, helped to organize the nets , on 7045 kHz and also on3720 kHz, while local nets in Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa operated on 2meters.As late as 9,45 PM local time 0245 UTC we have not been able to contact anyamateur or emergency services stations in Haiti.Amateurs from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela were monitoringthe 40 meter band frequency, that I notified to the IARU Region II executiveRamon Santoyo XE1KK as in use for the emergency, requesting that 7045 kHz bekept as clear as possible ...We are still keeping watch on 7045 kHz hoping that someone in Haiti may haveaccess to a transceiver and at least a car battery to run it.All information that has so far come from the Cuban seismologists tell us ofa very intense earthquake, and also of the possibility of other eventsfollowing.Following the advice of the geophysicists, we are keeping the 7045 and 3720kiloHertz frequencies active until further notice.

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