Friday, January 8, 2010

New Indian Amateur Radio Satellite- STUDSAT

India's first student satellite-STUDSAT(STUDent SATellite)-The first pico-satellite being developed indigenously in India, by an enthusiastic group of under-graduate students from across India, with support from Indian Space Research Organization and seven different Engineering Academic Institutions.

This project started off in December,2007 as an ambitious aspiration of a bunch of under-graduate students. Today, it is heading towards completion, manifesting the undaunting spirits of the team of students. With most of the technical work under the credit of students in the team,we want to be an example for further such endeavours for all students, within and outside India.

StudSat is slated for a March 2010 launch and will carry a camera capable of 90 metre resolution. The IARU Satellite co-ordination page says it is planned to launch in March 2010 on an Indian launcher.

The satellite resembles a small cube of size (10 cm x 10 cm x 13.5 cm), weighing about 850 gm and has a volume of 1.1 litres. The satellite is intended to be launched in 700 km Sun-synchronous orbit.

It will perform the function of a remote sensing satellite and take images of earth’s surface with a resolution of 90 metres, the best achieved by any “PICO” category satellite in the world.

It is proposed to use a 10mW CW beacon on UHF and also a half duplex 9k6 or 4k8bps FSK TC/TLM link with 1 watt output also on UHF.

Further information on StudSat can be found at
STUDSAT - IARU Satellite Frequency coordination page

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