Friday, April 23, 2010

HAMSAT approaches 5th birthday

On May 4, the Indian Amateur Radio satellite HAMSAT (VO-52) will have completed 5 years in orbit and Mani, VU2WMY is requesting information from radio amateurs regarding its usage.

Since it was launched HAMSAT has provided consistent service to the Amateur Radio community using its two 435 to 145 MHz transponders.

One of the transponders was developed by Indian Radio Amateurs with the expertise of ISRO and the experience of AMSAT-India. The second transponder was developed by Dutch Radio Amateur William Leijenaar PE1RAH.

On the AMSAT bulletin board Mani VU2WMY writes:
On behalf of the Programme Director, Mission Director, Operations Director and the entire "HAMSAT" project team, I convey their message to the Global Amateur Radio Satellite enthusiasts & users through my mail.
It gives us a great pleasure to inform the World Amateur Radio community that, on 4th May 2010, HAMSAT (VO-52) is completing 5 years of successful existence in Space rendering useful and fruitful services to the Amateur radio community.

We as well take this opportunity with great pleasure to inform the Global Amateur Radio community, that the overall system health and performance of "Hamsat" - "The gift from INDIA/ISRO to World of Ham Radio" is good and satisfactory.

To commemorate this milestone achievement, we have intended to bring out a 'Comprehensive Performance & Utilization Report' of the payload (Transponder) based on the user feed back from across the Globe.

In this regard, we request all the Amateur Satellite Enthusiasts and users to kindly send us their feed back about the performance and utilization of the transponder. A detailed report expressing their views, suggestions, comments, ratings and preferably a comparison note made with other linear transponders, those already been flown and currently available one's would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to hear from you all.
Thanking you
73 de
Mani, VU2WMY
Secretary & Station-In-ChargeUpagrah Amateur Radio Club VU2URC
ISRO Satellite CentreAirport Road,
Bangalore-560 017.
Phone:(O)91-80-2508 2054/2192/2537
Mobile: 91-80-98803 41456
E-mail ID:

The full email including a copy of the request from the Operations Director at the ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) can be seen at
ISTRAC is responsible for providing Space Operation services that include spacecraft control, TTC support services and other related projects and services, for the launch vehicle, low earth orbiting spacecraft and deep space missions of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and other space agencies around the world.

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