Friday, April 8, 2011

QSL to A47RS

As usual, having a qso with VU2PJM on  Mumbai repeater in the morning, we had a small qso with VU2TOO at around 7.20 am on Matheran repeater (VU2BBB_ Further we copied VU3JPD  OM Vinu from Gujarat and had a comfortable qso with him. It seems the VHF Band condition is favorable because VU3JPD located around 500Km away from the repeater and putting 5W of power with his directional Antenna. After the QSO, I continued with the Echolink and checked in to VU2PUM, VU2TCD and VU2HEN nets. Then as usual become busy with my harmonic to send him to school.  

I had kept my radio on on 145.000 + (VU2BBB) with a low volume because the fishermen pirates are regular. Suddenly I copied some DX station on air coming through the repeater. Due to  the morning QRL I cant able to closely monitor the frequency so I called my SWL friend Bijoy and asked to monitor the repeater. 

Before reaching to QTH after dropping my harmonic to school,  Bijoy provided the info that he copied and understand that it is A47RS Repeater  and thought that some one patching the Echolink to the repeater.

As my Echolink station was on, I checked that any station from near by and patching.. Nothing noticed, then I connected to A47RS-R and gave a call......... I heard my own voice at my 2M rig which was coming through A47RS -and-VU2BBB Repeater.  ( It was at 08.05 am to 08.45 am local time )

The info provided in A47RS-R in Echolink cleared my doubts as A47RS having the frequency with 145.600 with negative shift and 145.600 is the input for VU2BBB.


  1. Wow! That's great DX on 145MHz FM. Have you heard A47 across the water before?

    73, Tim, G4VXE

  2. Nice to hear from you Tim. Its the first time I had copied A47. But some of the old timers got the opportunity years back with A47.

  3. I just looked up the locators on and the QSO comes out at 1595KM. Good stuff for 2m FM. I guess there was limited antenna gain too making it even better. I took a look on the Hepburn tropo maps for the Indian Ocean and it seems that there is some strong sea ducting between A4 and northern VU. I wonder if it is a regular feature or just thsiu week. Either way a concerted effort on both sides could bring some interesting QSOs as the prop moves down towards Mumbai.

    Congrats and thanks for telling us about it.
    73 Steve M0BPQ

  4. This is indeed great achievement boys.

    Here too a Group of FM Dxer's like VU3BSE, VU3DJQ, SWL Kaustav, and myself (VU2OEC) do monitor DX FM station by using the High Gain FM Antenna (Single Quad Loop for FM Radio DXing)designed by N.S.HARISANKAR - VU3NSH. Copying 5/9 FM DX Radio Nepal, far away from Kolkata and many more in between. This happens when propagation is good. Our location is in and around Delhi Region.

    Happy DX VHF dxing.


    Rajesh Chandwani

  5. Oh...Its really Interesting Dear Satish...Thanx for sharing the wonderful experience...

    keep it up...and hav a happy DXing...
    Regards ...VU3FTG